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VirtualPilot3D And The Evolution Of Flight Simulator

A flight simulator is a device that attempts to copy or replicate the understanding of flying an aircraft as directly and rationally as possible.

There are various types of flight simulators and they include video games, flying games for a new and better gaming experience and cockpit replicas fixed on hydraulic rams, managed by a computer technology.

Over the years, there have been series and various types of simulator games created but only few have lived up to its expectation.

Here on this website, we will be focusing on VirtualPilot3D which is the ultra-realistic flight sim used by actual pilots and gamers of all ages all over the world.

But first a little background on plane games or airplane games or what we all now call flight simulator games.

The aviation industry, aircraft development, disaster simulation and military for pilot schooling widely use flight simulators.

All pilots around the world have at one point gone through extremely realistic flight simulator training.

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This is as good as flying a real airplane and this same opportunity has been made available for plane lovers around the world.

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History of Airplane Simulators

It is very dangerous to try flying a plane without any technical skills.

With the invention of aircraft, many schemes have been employed to allow fresh pilots to enjoy the experience of the controls without really flying.

For example, the sanders teacher was a full airplane fixed on a universal joint and facing the wind, with the power to rotate and incline liberally.

In 1910, they constructed a flight simulator with barrel piece fixed on a frame.

The ever first complete simulator came in 1948.

The simulator was for the stratocruicers under courtesy of Curtiss Wright.

The simulator did not have any visual display or motion modelling but the whole floor and instrument worked.

The crews appreciated its effectiveness.

In 1950, came full motion devices frequently simulated ground topography employing an exact topography replica, and placing camera in the air above it to imitate the location of the airplane.

The outcome pictures displayed to the pilots on TV screens.

Normally, only smaller ground sections could be simulated using the technique, mainly area around the airport.

Digital computer employment in simulation started in 1960s.

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Introduction to VirtualPilot3D Virtual simulator

If you have a passion for flying and have always dreamt of being a pilot or would like to explore the world with ultra-realism in 200+ different aircraft, VirtualPilot3D is a step away from you living that dream.

The concept of flight simulator can be described as an electronic or virtual device which is used to create the environment of a real flight.

This serves as a main purpose in training for pilots. Before the actual flying they can get trained in Flight simulator which will help them to learn a lot about the actual flying.

It will also include all the technology that is applied to make the actual flight.

VirtualPilot3D is designed to be 100% real with real scenery, real cockpits and real aircraft.

Every single element of the game is designed to give you the real experience of flying a plane. From the fantastic full-sizedcockpit, mockups and crazy realistic flight dynamics on a deep scientific level.

The fact is, no other flight simulator in the market beats this for sheer realism.

Right from its inception, it has been used as an alternative to the large flight simulators used to train professional pilots.

Certified for commercial use and provides hardware and frame-rate checks required for FAA certification. It is currently in beta testing stage all over participating flight schools all around the World.

Here is a list of the amazing features VirtualPilot3D offers,

- Real cockpits, real controls and instrument behaviour

- Fly a real airline route on autopilot

- Accurate ATC system and navigation

- Crazy realism and handling down to the scentific level

- 200+ Aircraft and 25,000 Real Airports

- Advanced navigation including NDB, VOR, ILS and GPS

- Worldwide scenery with high-def cities and landscapes

- Complete instrument flying and approaches

The Pros & Cons of Virtual Pilot 3D

As an end user, you may wonder what the good and bad of this simulator is, here we have tried to list out what we consider to be the pros and cons associated with the simulator.

The Pros

- Game lovers will have a real life experience of helicopter handling

- Gamers are spoilt for choice from choosing between 25,000 real runways.

- PC and MAC computers are supported unlike some other simulator in the market.

- Over 200+ planes and helicopters to choose from giving you more experience.

- Rare aircraft such as the wright flyer from 1903 and Airbus 380 to choose from.

- The system is integrated with Google Maps giving you real time positions.

- Multiple players can use it.

- Hardware supported which enables gamers to use pedals or throttle.

- Thousands of tutorial videos are available to use for learning for both beginners and experts.

- Realistic scenery which mimics real life horizons such as towns, lakes houses.

- No monthly payments or hidden fees.

- With full subscription comes a Free VIP Membership Now

The Cons

- The size of the game is quite huge so there will be a lot of time required for downloading.

It is suggested to have a good internet connection to reduce the amount of time required for download.

- For beginners, it might be overwhelming to use due to the numerous amounts of planes and maps to choose from.

But when you become familiar with it, it becomes much easier to work with.

This is bound to be a great experience for gamers all over the World

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